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But while heaps of amazing-looking apartments appear in sites' listings, there's a key rule to bear in mind before you plump for one:. In New York state it is illegal for a landlord to rent out their home for less than 30 days if there are more than three apartments in his or her block — unless the landlord is staying in the apartment at the same time as you.

Unfortunately this means that the majority of apartments in New York City can't be rented out legally. If you do still want to rent somewhere via a site like Airbnb, it's worth checking before booking if it's all legit. If not, there's always the risk that enforcement officials could come knocking, interrupting your holiday and potentially leaving you without a place to stay.

Worryingly, when we asked Airbnb about the level of help it would provide if this happened — and whether it would provide refunds — it refused to answer. However it did say: "When hosts register on Airbnb, they must certify that they will comply with local rules before they list their space. We also have a hosting responsibilities page that reminds people to check their local laws and regulations. Staying in the Big Apple can mean paying big bucks for hotels, but if you're willing to stay just outside Manhattan, you could save a small fortune.

Long Island City in the Queens borough, for example, is just a short ride from the city centre and offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.

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How much is the difference? Wherever you choose to stay, it's fair to say your hotel will be one of the biggest outlays of your holiday and generally the further in advance you book the better the price you'll get. So as always, it's worth doing your research. If you're looking for rock-bottom accommodation prices you might want to consider the backpacker's favourite haunt — the hostel.

Even if they say a hostel's full, always try emailing direct, in case there's a spare room that doesn't show up. Manhattan's a Mecca for shopaholics, with Bloomingdale's, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue essential fixtures on many tourists' itineraries. But when it comes to actually buying things, you may be better off taking a trip out of town.

Here are a couple of options:. Jersey Gardens. With more than stores including Saks Fifth Avenue 'Off 5th' and Abercrombie and Fitch, Jersey Gardens has the added advantage of being just over the state line in New Jersey, which means no sales tax on clothing.

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Woodbury Common. It's worth bearing in mind you can't see outlet stores' deals on their websites, so there's no way of knowing for sure what you'll find. If you're staying at a hotel, you'll almost certainly be offered breakfast. But even if it's billed as 'free', remember the cost will ultimately be factored in to the overall price of your room.

Also, don't forget portions are likely to be much bigger than you're used to — you might find there's no need for lunch if you've munched a hefty brunch, or that sharing is the way forward. If you're planning to hit lots of the big sights and attractions, you might want to consider an attraction pass. Among the best-known are:. To make these worthwhile you'll need to really pack in the sightseeing though.

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Let's take the CityPass as an example. However, it's worth noting the CityPass gives you some extra perks, eg, two visits to the Empire State Building — one during the day and the other in the evening after 8pm in the winter or 10pm in the summer. You can normally buy these passes at the attractions themselves as well as online, though make sure you don't get caught out by any touts you'll find it hard to walk down the block without being offered some sort of ticket.

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  • Not only is the Empire State Building an iconic sight, it offers some pretty special sights as well, with breathtaking views stretching all the way to the Statue of Liberty and panoramic photo opportunities. So it's little wonder tourists flock to it.

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    Yet we've heard of some who've had to wait two hours just to buy tickets — and that's not counting the further queues for the lifts to actually take you to the viewing platform. Visiting between 8am when it opens and 11am is the best way to avoid long lines on the day — you should pretty much be able to walk straight through to the lift or the, ahem, elevator. The movies often show New York blanketed in snow, but summer in the city can be sweltering and humid with temperatures often hitting 30 degrees between June and September.

    While the majority of hotels, and even hostels, offer air-conditioning, it's always worth double-checking as you might want to pay a little more for somewhere that does. Out and about, you'll find most other places in New York have air-conditioning, whether they be shops, restaurants or museums.

    For full step-by-step on booking the best hotel The free Citymapper app has street, subway and bus maps. It works offline with pre-loaded maps and comes with a walking option. Just remember to turn your data off to ensure you don't inadvertently rack up any charges. A good ol' fashioned paper map is always handy anyway, in case your battery runs out.

    The most sensible plan is to turn your data off in your phone settings , so you're still able to use Wi-Fi where it's available. Alternatively you could turn your phone off completely or put it on airplane mode while you're overseas. Anyone who has seen the legendary traffic jams in the city would quite rightly tell you you're better off walking, cabbing or taking the subway to get around.

    And that's before you even think about where to park the thing So while there are plenty of places to hire a car in New York, it's only really sensible to consider booking one if you're heading upstate or out of state. It might not be the first outing that springs to mind when planning a trip to New York, but there are beaches within easy reach of Manhattan although they're now closed for swimming until May.

    There are three miles of sandy beach to enjoy — though it's a good idea to stick to the touristy area for safety. Open-top bus tours are available at pretty much every tourist hotspot in the world, so it goes without saying New York is no exception. However the other, very MoneySaving alternative is simply to grab a map and make your own tour. New York buses generally stop every few blocks unless they say 'limited' on them so you're never going to be too far from where you need to be.

    Check out the free Citymapper app for help finding routes and bus stops. You can also use a 'free transfer' to catch the bus within two hours of using your card on the subway, and this works in reverse too. If you go over this allowance though, you could face paying import duties and VAT on the whole amount.

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    If what you're bringing back exceeds the duty-free allowance you're expected to declare it at customs. But many say it's an unforgettable way to see New York, so if you're determined to do it there are a few ways to chop down the cost. For this you would get a 15 to 20 minute tour of the city, with aerial views of landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre with a quick circle around the Statue of Liberty, and a framed photograph. Do read the terms and check you're guaranteed availability on the dates you're visiting before parting with cash.

    They might speak the same language as us across the pond more or less Even though you're a tourist, you'll still be subject to New York state law, with one key difference being you have to be 21 to buy or drink alcohol in a public place. If asked, you'll need to be able to prove you're over 21 and so will need some form of ID to prove your date of birth. The smoking law in New York is also very strict.

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    There's a ban on lighting up in plazas such as Times Square , almost all indoor places such as restaurants, bars and bowling alleys, on public transport, and outdoors such as in parks and even on beaches. The ban includes e-cigarettes as well. Since you also have to be 21 to buy tobacco and e-cigarettes in New York City, so again you may need to show ID to prove your date of birth.

    In most other places in the USA the smoking age is still 18, but some areas such as Nassau on Long Island, a region in New York state, have raised it to Confusingly, US laws vary from state to state so if you do travel around the country, it's worth making sure you know what the rules are every time you cross a state line. Our forumites have long led the charge on New York MoneySaving tips and have literally posted thousands and thousands of hints, tip and tricks on our forum.

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