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The thirty-something Aerobics Mistress—obviously adored by her elderly and middle-aged students—then socializes in the food court with anyone caring to linger, until about 10 a. I suspect her looming presence significantly deters aerobics students from rewarding themselves with calorie orange scones or equivalents.

This lively and happy group seems to awaken and energize the entire mall. In the same location on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 a. These elderly citizens sport distinctive green tee-shirts which proudly herald their group, the Senior Striders.

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The personality of the first shift of humanity at the mall experiences a dramatic transformation on weekends. Saturday is probably the smallest first shift crowd of the week. Those who are awake are probably supermarket shopping, chauffeuring kids to sports events, leaving for day trips, or attending to house and garden chores. On Saturday morning the mall resembles a ghost-town unless a special event such as a fashion show is in the offing. Sunday reinvents the first shift mix again. The diner overflows with breakfast business.

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Couples in love meander hand-in-hand. Families visit the mall after church services to window shop and take a leisurely stroll with their kids.

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Everything at the mall happens two hours later on Sunday, with doors being unlocked at 9 a. In a nod to Christianity though, closing time is moved up to 6 p. The regular coffee klatches are absent. Of the six identifiable shifts of humanity defining the daily rhythm of the mall, the first is the one most likely to produce a new friend. The pastry shop has one of those maddeningly malleable line policies which leads to conflicts.

What begins as two lines, one in front of each register, evolves into one whenever someone takes a hedge position and splits the lines. The strategic plan is to hold a spot in both until it becomes clear which one will move the quickest. To avoid conflict, new arrivals must queue up behind this individual. Inevitably a newcomer will decide to re-establish two lines—which is, after all, what management intends—and in so doing leap-frogs ahead of those employing the single line tactic. The resolution is often ugly and tense.

I once witnessed an obese, tattooed, slovenly dressed, male stock clerk in such a posture. An unfortunate well-dressed elderly woman, a salesperson at a mall shop, assumed he was not in line and stepped in front of him. Some women will leave a shopping-phobic husband in the food court with a book to occupy his time. Benches along the promenades fill with the more patient and those pampering or conserving their leg muscles. By 10 a. Pity the store clerk unable to raise the gate at the stroke of ten if there are customers waiting outside glaring at their watches.

A second shift of late-sleeping retiree walkers, along with baby carriage-wheeling or wielding mothers, who have just completed off-to-school rituals with their older kids, arrives at the mall between 9: Mothers imperil pedestrians as they propel the carriages at breakneck speed while babies nap.

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Carriage technology now provides double and triple decker as well as double-wide models with enough gadgets to provide all of the comforts of home. Few workers, shoppers, mothers, or retirees are inclined to linger with new acquaintances at this time. A singles Mecca, this is not. Mall management is, by now, on the job in full force. Security and maintenance personnel risk reprimands if detected loitering or engaging in idle chit-chat. Most of the first shift of walkers and the job-destined have vanished by 9: Construction work on vacant stores has refocused on behind-the-storefront tasks by 10 a.

This is the morning period when one might see management personnel, with blueprints in hand, ushering prospective tenants on tours of vacant space. Management must salivate when they woo credit-worthy tenants who are driven by intuition and ego rather than professional market studies. The third shift of humanity sets the most frantic mood of the day in the mall. Its approximate time frame stretches from It seems everyone in the mall is on a tight schedule as they attempt to cram multiple chores into their lunch hour and find time for some actual lunch.

Cellular phones and beepers are ubiquitous. The entire mall populace seems to be eating food and many are spilling it. Table-cleaners are numerous and efficient, but the maintenance workers face the dilemma of whether to wet-mop floors, thereby risking litigation-inducing customer falls, or let them stay dirty until the lunch crush is over. The latter option incurs the wrath of those who take exception to less than pristine surroundings. The mall receptionist laments that she will often receive a complaint about spilled coffee, dispatch maintenance personnel to mop it up, and quickly receive a complaint about a dangerous, wet floor.

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