Does cvs honor expired coupons

Minimum spend requirements must be met as noted on the face of the coupon. We do not honor point promotions or continuity programs. We do not honor manufacturer's coupons that state they are only redeemable at specific retailers. If a competitor coupon is for an item that does not indicate a size, we will only match it for an item size that both Giant and the competitor carry. Digital offers are excluded.

How to Coupon at CVS

Example: We can accept a coupon from PetSmart that is valid at a local PetSmart and applies to an item size, flavor, etc. We would not, however, accept a coupon from Kroger in Charlottesville at a store outside of our market. The marketplace, generally, is defined as stores that are a reasonable competitive option for a customer.

Store managers should use good judgment and ultimately seek to satisfy reasonable customer expectations. Minimum spend requirements must be met after Bonuscard savings and other coupons have been deducted.

Coupon Policy

Competitor Triple Coupons Competitor clipped triple coupons will be accepted only when there is an authorized promotion. To ensure product availability for all customers, we reserve the right to limit individual coupon quantities. The physical coupon must be presented by the customer and retained by the cashier. A store coupon and a manufacturer coupon may be redeemed on the same item.

If the combined value for both coupons used exceeds the price of the item, the item is free. The manufacturer's coupon will be deducted first, then the store coupon will be adjusted so that it does not exceed the price of the item. Unless a special store promotion is being run, we do not accept coupons for gift cards. We do not accept altered or tampered i. Store coupons cannot be doubled or tripled. The customer is responsible for the sales tax, where required by law.

I updated my personal profile and still nothing. Has anyone had similar problem and if yes, what did you do to fix it? It declined it.

I thought it should work. Bought 6 papers and not one had it in them. Is this coupon specific to one region or what? Anybody help. This happens often. Like I always say when I post printable coupons — the good ones go quickly. We just got a CVS and I am pretty excited about it. I have looked all over the internet and asked at the store and nobody has been able to explain what the bottom of my receipt means:. I can only do it once, per the ad. Well the New You includes a bunch of different products.

The limit is at least 6. For Nutrition — it could be the Atkins. The limit is actually higher than 1 so you can actually do the deal again! Thanks Christie!! This is a great website and I check it several times per week. I also really enjoy your wildforwags site, as well. Keep up the good work!!!

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Can you tell me how to fix a mistake in a CVS transaction? Any thoughts on what I can do? Hi Erica, just go ahead and exchange the item for the smaller one. If you paid for that transaction with a lot of ECBs they might give you a card instead of cash or whatever you paid with. Just explain to your cashier.

They should be happy to help you. The only thing changing is my Year to Date Savings. Is this normal for a holiday? Any thoughts?

CVS Personalized and Expired Coupons: Info and Rant

Hi, This is my first time using this site. Ok I checked the little boxes that I want coupons for and I have my list, the extracare bucks I checked off in my list, do they automactically go to my cvs card? The lists are shopping lists for you to take with you to the store. Once you purchase the items, the Extrabucks will print for you at checkout.

I have a question regarding the B1G1 deals. Or would I need to buy 4 clean and clears to make the extra buck deal work? Is it the regular price or the sale price? Other times it will be for a specific product — like Schick quattro razor or something.

I logged into my account today, I did not see anything either only the status of fall spending. Do you what changed? Do I need to log in on october 1st?

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Hi, I appreciate your updating this site frequently to help couponers. I have a concern. They all scanned at the register without any problems. Now I am worried that the store will not get reimbursed for the amount of the coupons that I used and that the nice cashier that helped me would lose his job. This has been bothering me this whole day. Please help.

I have been using cvs for a while now. My question is my last transaction I received 17 extra bucks back. I used those extra bucks to pay for another transaction. When i went to go look at my cvs account online it still shows those 17 ECBs. I know its a mistake but could it be that those 17 Bucks are still good? CVS has a coupon center kiosk in store that gives you coupons once you scan your card. These will print for everyone and are specified in the ad. Is anyone else having this issue?? Ebates TopCashBack.