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Receive the latest offers by email. Enter an email to continue. Accept the terms, conditions and privacy policy to continue. Filter your results by bestselling items, price, new arrivals and top-rated items. You'll enjoy substantial deals and discounts through the clearance section, and your coupon codes from Giving Assistant can help make your purchase even more affordable. The company also runs a store that is accessible through the Gaia TV website. The subscription TV service requires you to sign up for a subscription to watch any of the online videos. You can't purchase any of the videos individually.

If you want to buy individual movies and videos, you'll have to visit the Gaia Store. Gaia TV offers the ability to watch films and videos on a wide variety of devices. The company breaks its offerings down into separate channels to make it easier to find the type of content you're looking for.

The My Yoga section is further broken down into fitness, collections, guides, poses and even articles. Yoga teachers are there to help you guide you in your journey.

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Since the subscription gives you access to a wide number of yoga experts, you can try several different videos until you find the instructor who meets your personal style. In the fitness section, you'll find a variety of ways to stay in shape.

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Enjoy learning from notable Bellydance instructors like Gillian Cofsky. Get involved in some of the latest fitness regimens, and keep your exercise routine from becoming stale by challenging yourself using a variety of fitness videos. Pilates, kickboxing, interval training, ab workouts and HIT training are all available for you to help maintain and improve your overall level of fitness. If you have an interest in something less traditional, try the large selection of Eastern Arts programs designed to help you center yourself and maintain balance.

You'll enjoy videos that are designed to teach you the art of Qigong, T'ai Chi and several meditation videos to help you get centered and focused for the day. Eastern methodologies aim to teach you to accomplish more with less movement, and you'll find the simple exercises provide outstanding results.

No full-body routine would be complete without the right videos to help you grow spiritually. Heal your mind, get inspired and feel empowered with videos designed to help you grow. Learn from hosts like Greg Burdulis, Lisa Garr and Krishna Kaur to go deep within yourself and find the strength you need to face the day.

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  7. These professionals have spent their lives building their routines, and they are ready to help you achieve the next level. Explore the great questions in life about who we are, where we came from and where we are going as a species. Transcend time and space to discover the mysteries of the universe and develop your own personal guide to finding meaning in your life.

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    Ancient wisdom gives you insight. Inspirational videos range from the mundane aspects of life that fill our days to the sublime messages that are hidden in the stars. What really sets Gaia apart from other services is the set of original programs. These programs let you branch out into new frontiers, and they can help you to explore cutting-edge technologies that are designed to build personal insight and enjoy your experience without interruptions from advertisers or censors.